CLEDIGLER INFOSIGHT is a multi tier service based entity with specialisation in providing records/documents management, research and information technology services using modern technologies. Since its establishment, Cledigler has built an impressive reputation for providing a group of enterprise solutions to corporate organisations, SMEs, NGOs and individuals using first class technology tools. We have worked for start-ups, small and large firms. Some of our more prominent clients have been health, construction, engineering, retail, and service based institutions among others.

Our enthusiastic commitment to the quality of the records management environment is matched by vigorous monitoring of the services provided. Uncompromising quality of documents and records management services is the key element required for the success of projects and businesses.
As a collaborative team we focus on driving change across people, culture, process, and technology dimensions to deliver superior results for growth. Ensuring integration across these dimensions positions our projects for success.

We Promise To Help You Grow
Our main inspiration is to use our services to promote businesses growth. We focused on our vision through innovation and excellent service delivery to our clients.

Our Mission
To provide excellent solutions that will promote enterprise growth.

To be a leading source of enterprise solutions in Africa and beyond.

Our Core Values
Confidentiality, Excellence and Professionalism.

Our Commitment
We are committed to providing you with accurate, timely and great results